Commitment of ump hair design

Cozy private space

What our shop takes care of is
It is "a private space for all customers".
That is the "hospitality" of our beauty salon for our customers.

There is no need to worry about the eyes around the space,
In addition to single customers, couples, small children and wheelchairs are also welcome.

Please visit us once.

Electronic Treatment

We have adopted an Electronic Treatment called Armada's M3.5.


・ What is an Electronic Treatment?

Electronic Treatments are treatments that use internal movement principles to repair damaged hair from within.

In the damaged hair, electrons are lost and it is inclined to the positive potential. Electronic Treatments contain negative electrons, and when sprayed, they move along with moisture and minerals into the hair and penetrate it.
Unlike conventional treatments that repair the outside of the hair and produce gloss, the hair is moistened and the cuticle is prepared by repairing the hair from the inside.

・ Characteristics of Electronic Treatment

Use non-silicone treatments and shampoos
The ingredients of the Electronic Treatment are deep-sea water, rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium, and treatments that are also made of natural minerals.
We perform treatment with treatment which blended non-silicone shampoo there.

・ High safety

Electronic Treatment is very safe as it uses moisture and minerals to penetrate skin and hair using the power of negative ions. It is made of ingredients that can be used on pregnant women after delivery and on babies.


・ Effect continues at home

The treatment effect lasts by using the same shampoo as used in the shop at home. You can always keep your hair healthy.

・ We handle with only 1% beauty salon

Electronic Treatments made with ingredients that are very specific can not be handled by any beauty salon, and currently they are handled by only 1% of beauty salons nationwide. Our shop offers such rare Electronic Treatments.