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Is it suitable for shampoo, hair and scalp? ? ③ <Popular beauty salon at Mitaka / Musashisakai>


ump hairdesign.


September 4th today

Comb day!

It comes from 9 (4) 4 words.

Dust and dirt other than combing

It's easy to collect ...

Tips for keeping your comb clean

I will introduce it in the future!


Well, this time too

Introducing “Shampoos”.


Until last time

Soap and high alcohol shampoo



This time,

I often hear these days

"Amino acid shampoo"Introducing


<What is "amino acid shampoo"? >


Recently, even commercial shampoos

"Amino acid shampoo"

It is increasing.


Outside salons such as beauty salons,

From online shopping to mass retailers

Various typesAmino acid shampoo.


"Looks good for hair"

"Easy to scalp and scalp"


It seems that there are many people who purchase.


Amino acid shampoo

Same weak acidity as hair and skin.


Less irritationIt ’s kind to hair and scalp.

After washingmildSo,

Do not drop too much sebum,

High moisturizing effectFor,

If your scalp tends to dryAnd

One with many troublesof

It also helps to improve the scalp.




Introduced by the previous time

Even compared to shampoosWeakly

When using hair styling such as hair wax

If you have a lot of sebum

Some things can't be removed with a single shampoo!

At that time

Must be washed twiceis.


When choosing


Moisturizing ingredients derived from plantsContains

I recommend it.



In particular,

If you are interested in dry scalp and dry hair

High moisture retentionIs good.


From now on, autumn to winter

The season when dryness is particularly worried.

Use this as a shampoo agent

How about reviewing it?



Just because we reviewed the shampoo,

If the way of shampooing is wrong,

The scalp environment may get worse! !


next time,

Introducing “How to Correct Shampoo”.


The concept is “Private space for all customers” ☆

Beauty salon in Mitaka and Musashisakai


ump hairdesign



2-35-51 Jindaiji, Mitaka City, Tokyo Prefecture Premir Niiya 1F

TEL: 0422-34-0543

Opening hours: 9:00 to 19:00

Regular holiday: Tuesday · 3rd Wednesday

Parking lot: One

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