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Watch out for summer! About children's “head lice” ③ <Popular beauty salon in Mitaka and Musashisakai>


ump hairdesign.


August 17th today

"Professional baseball night game anniversary"!

Today in 1948,

At the stadium in Yokohama

First in Japan

A night game was held.

Today is Saturday!

With family and friends

Trying to watch a baseball game

It may be good!

In that case, please be careful about heat stroke.

* Ump hairdesign will be closed until tomorrow.

We look forward to seeing you after 19th ♪


Well, this time too

This is a story about head lice.


A head lice that has been depressed.

What to do

Is there any?


<Head lice, what is an effective countermeasure? >


If you were checking your child ’s hair and head,

Discover head lice! ! !

Head lice

It won't improve even if you leave it on the surface.

Not only that,

Adult lays eggs in hair

It will increase more and more.


If you find head lice,

With shampoo for head lice control

ShampooTo do.

In drugstores

You can buy it.

With this shampooAdults can be defeated.

* Please be sure to follow the usage instructions.



The trouble is "eggs".

As I introduced last time,

Eggs are like cement on your hair

Stuck together

Even if you try to take it with your finger,

I can't take it a little.



In head shampoo,

Eggs cannot be disinfected


How to remove eggs

Use a special comb.


Using a comb

When you take your hair

I can get an egg.

If you repeat this

You can get rid of eggs.

It takes time,

Let's get rid of eggs well.


To prevent head lice infection,

After complete removal,

You can cut at the beauty salon.


How was it?

Daily prevention is important

Countermeasures for head lice.


To make it easier for your child to wash their hair,

Keep your hair dressed frequentlyAlso



Kids cut

For ump hairdesign

Please choose for me!

Boys are even cooler,

Girls will be even more cute ♪


We are waiting for your reservation ☆


The concept is “Private space for all customers” ☆

Beauty salon in Mitaka and Musashisakai


ump hairdesign



2-35-51 Jindaiji, Mitaka City, Tokyo Prefecture Premir Niiya 1F

TEL: 0422-34-0543

Opening hours: 9:00 to 19:00

Regular holiday: Tuesday · 3rd Wednesday

Parking lot: One

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