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What is the topic of "electronic treatment" now? <Popular beauty salon at Mitaka / Musashisakai>


ump hairdesign.


The unclear weather continues,

It looks sunny from the weekend!

Is it finally the end of the rainy season?


Well, this time

This is the topic of “Electronic Treatment”.



With ultraviolet rays and cold air conditioner

The hair is heavily damaged.


Worried about damaged hair ...

But I'm worried about the ingredients of the treatment ...

For those who recommend it,

"Electronic treatment"is!


Electronic treatment

What are the features?


<What is the "electronic treatment" mechanism? >


ump hairdesign (amp hair design)

Electronic treatment

We use Armada M3.5.


For electronic treatment

Contains negative electrons,

Minus electrons together with moisture and natural minerals

Move inside damaged hairContinue

Penetration inside hairI will continue.

This is how electronic treatment works.


Because it repairs from the inside of the hair,

The cuticle is also neatly arranged.


The raw material of this M3.5 is

Natural minerals

From wild plants and deep ocean waters

It has been collected.



very muchGentle to the bodyIt is!


Since the hair is shaped by the power of ions,

Pregnant women and children,

Safe for babies

You can use it.


How was it?

This electronic treatment is

HowOnly in 1% beauty salons nationwide

There is no handling.

Products that are particular about that!


Incorporating during perm and coloring treatments

Great effect!


* Perm and coloring fee

Plus 2000 yen.

(It will take about 10 minutes than usual.)


If you are worried about hair damage

Please try this opportunity!



Electronic treatment

With ump hairdesign!


The concept is “Private space for all customers” ☆

Beauty salon in Mitaka and Musashisakai


ump hairdesign



2-35-51 Jindaiji, Mitaka City, Tokyo Prefecture Premir Niiya 1F

TEL: 0422-34-0543

Opening hours: 9:00 to 19:00

Regular holiday: Tuesday · 3rd Wednesday

Parking lot: One

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